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Education Majors

In a country desperate for passionate and highly trained teachers, our education major prepares you to live your purpose as an agent of change in your classroom, school, and district.

We offer a variety of majors within our School of Education. You may or may not know exactly where you want to focus. That’s ok. You’ll experience various aspects of teaching earlier than typical in our program. Those experiences will help you choose a path. One of our education professors will also serve as your personal advisor. Your advisor can help you figure out the best fit for your personality and strengths.

Our professors place a strong emphasis on preparing you to meet the professional expectation of a fast-paced, diverse, and contemporary education setting. Preparing to be an educator is an investment of your time, talents, and efforts and the rewards are immeasurable in the enlightened eyes and smiles of your successful learners.

A strong reputation for preparing great teachers

Area schools recognize Wisconsin Lutheran College students as quality candidates for teaching positions. Our education graduates enjoy a 100% placement rate and are employed by public, private, and charter schools. We attract impressive students who sincerely want to make a difference in the lives of their students and are willing to work hard to do it. We enable you to activate your greatest potential, and theirs.

Teaching degree programs to meet your aspirations

Whether you want to become an early childhood teacher, elementary or middle school teacher, high school or special education teacher, music educator, or more, you'll be able to find find the teacher education program and Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) license to meet your career aspirations at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Early access to immersive classroom teaching

You'll begin work in the field your second semester, exposing you to the challenges and joys of teaching students. This classroom exposure allows you to discover your fit - exploring the types of schools, grade-levels, and subjects that inspire you, and your students.

You'll gain more than 150 hours of meaningful clinical experience outside of the college classroom through partnerships with area schools. Pre-student teaching clinicals, connected to all methods courses, are conducted in a variety of early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary school settings.

Gain a competitive edge in your final year by taking advantage of our residency program. During the semester prior to your 18-week student teaching assignment, you may spend 17 hours per week helping a teacher in the same school district – and often in the same building – where you will be student teaching within a few short months.

Education Advising Resources

Connect with Education Faculty & Staff

Alan Bitter
Alan Bitter Education Assistant Professor and Director of Licensing 414.443.8565
David Brightsman
David Brightsman Education Dean, College of Professional Studies 414.443.8739
James Holman
James Holman Education Assistant Professor 414.443.8566
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson Education Assistant Professor 414.443.8978
Marty Miller
Marty Miller Education Associate Professor 414.443.8971
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy Education Associate Professor and Director of the School of Education 414.443.8570
Kirsten Schulz
Kirsten Schulz Education Associate Professor 414.443.8523
Holly Wempner
Holly Wempner Education Administrative Assistant 414.443.8818
Jon Ziesemer
Jon Ziesemer Education Coordinator of Clinical Experiences 414.443.8854