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Turn your passion for sports into a career you'll love. Whether you’re a fan or an athlete yourself, your degree in sports 管理ment can open doors for you from the locker room to the executive suite.

As a sports 管理ment major, you’ll learn to apply critical thinking to solve problems, build relationships with various facets within 组织, contemplate ethical principles and values to guide decision making, express yourself professionally, and use analytical thinking to innovate and propel a sports organization to the next level. You’ll also learn to identify, 监控, 管理, and manipulate the business dynamics that drive sports and recreational 组织.

Engage in immersive experiences beyond the classroom

Earning your sports 管理ment degree at WLC comes with a lot of opportunity for internships and hands-on learning outside the classroom.

密尔沃基是一个体育城市, home to professional sports 组织, 广播电视网络, 业余组织, and NCAA Division I colleges.

An internship may be your most valuable tool when seeking employment upon graduation and provides a smooth transition from being a student to a full-time professional. Our faculty helps will help you secure internships in which you'll learn more about your chosen career area, 获得宝贵的经验, and network with professionals. As a sports 管理ment major you are encouraged to pursue an internship prior to graduation. 最近, students have interned at such places as: Good Karma Brands, ESPN密尔沃基, 密尔沃基雄鹿队, 和密尔沃基啤酒厂.

You'll gain further hands-on experience in our clubs for business students, regional and international trips, and opportunities to partner with local businesses to launch real strategies. We invite business leaders from the community to speak with our students. Your experiences on campus and the relationships you build with your classmates and faculty will be fun and rewarding.

Do what you love while making a living

Sports franchises need smart people to run their marketing, sales, and business operations. Between your coursework and being immersed in real experiential learning, you’ll graduate ready to apply what you’ve learned in a variety of areas at all levels in the sports industry, such as:

  • 政府
  • 设施管理
  • 金融
  • 客户关系
  • 法律
  • 管理
  • 市场营销
  • 媒体关系
  • 操作 
  • 促销活动
  • 娱乐
  • 销售
  • 特别活动
收起你的泡沫手指, 追尾齿轮, and get hyped to study sports 管理ment in a city that is home to fast-paced sports action year round!

Our business graduates are highly sought after by major companies in the Milwaukee area, with many actively inquiring about our students prior to graduation. Within our programs you will have no trouble finding opportunities to interview for internships in large corporations, 小型企业, 或非营利组织. We have a positive reputation of providing interns who are hard working and excellent communicators. We enable you to activate your greatest potential.

Our expert faculty know what they’re talking about because they’ve lived it

Within the School of Business at 威斯康辛州路德 College, you'll learn from business leaders who’ve worked at some of the largest and most prestigious companies on the Fortune 500 list, while gaining the skills and knowledge needed to apply critical thinking and analysis to business trends, 组织, 和行业.

更重要的是, our business faculty are Christian leaders, who have learned how to excel in the business world without compromising their faith or morals. They are not simply teaching you from a textbook. The stories and insights about how to succeed in business come from real-life experience. You get to inherit those insights directly from the source.

你会成功的. Class sizes are small, TAs are non-existent, and you won't find sprawling lecture halls here. WLC is a place where you develop personal relationships with not only your classmates but also your professors. They want you to succeed academically as well as grow spiritually in a safe, nurturing environment.


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